Like Revlite (Skin Solutions)? Our services are straight from Asia’s beauty capital. From acne management to skin whitening and hair removal, our staff are formally trained by South Korea’s top practitioners to provide results that liken them to the beautiful complexion of top Korean stars.

Revlite (Skin Solutions)

Revlite is a new-generation Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. It has various handpieces which extend the laser’s wavelength capabilities to provide versatility. This allows it to perform non-ablative skin resurfacing, wrinkle and acne scar reduction. It is proven effective in the treatment of pigmented lesions including melasma, and the removal of full color spectrum tattoo inks.

Laser Tattoo Removal Techniques can eliminate tattoos with minimal side effects. The lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the colored pigments with a high intensity light beam while leaving the surrounding areas unharmed. Dermal and Epidermal Pigmented lesions can be lightened or removed using modern laser technology. Skin naturally produces a pigment called melanin that determines the skin’s color. The more melanin our skin has, the darker its color. The lasers target areas with abnormally high concentrations of melanin pigment while leaving healthy skin unharmed.